• electro permanent magnetic chuck
  • electro model change system
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electro permanent magnetic chuck


electromagnetic plate


lifting magent


vacuum chuck



Application of Permanent Magnet Materials and Excellent Performance of EPM Milling Chuck 2018-1-17

Solid magnetic material is also called permanent magnetic materials, because of high coercively force, it is generally stronger than 4000 a/m, after magnetize it to saturation by technology and remove the external magnetic field, it can still .......

Clamping Chuck for Milling and CNC Machining 2017-10-30

The electro permanent magnetic chuck produced by our company can be used for fixing and clamping of the workpiece for a variety of mlling and CNC maching of the turning in the CNC machine center.......

Weike Developed safeguard controller of EMP Chuck successfully 2017-10-9

In last month, we developed safeguard controller of EPM Chuck successfully, Model: RFH-1. it solved the problem of quality of EPM milling chuck control cannot be guaranteed.......

Brief Introduction of Development of Electro Permanent Magnet Technology 2017-9-11

In early 70s of last century, Europe first invented the control of electro permanent magnetic system by electrical signal, this permanent magnetic system is the combination of......

Matters Need Attention for Electromagnetic Chuck 2017-8-23

Make clear about to the surface grinder which the electromagnetic plate mounted, The work piece beyond the scope of lathe machine, not allowed to process absolutely........

Weike Precision Machinery Ltd is a professional manufacturer of magnetic workholding tools with more than 15 years experience. Weike product range contains permanent magnetic chucks, electromagnetic chucks for surface grinding, electro permanent magnetic chuck for milling, vacuum chuck, lifting magnet and more. Our products are widely used in milling machine, surface grinder and CNC. The workpieces are both available to magnetic metal, and non magnetic materials. We offer various magnetic clamping solution, except the standard models, we produce customized product to special purpose as well. "Meet customers's requirements constantly" is our mission. "Guarantee the best quanlity" is our commitment, Positive feedback is our pursuit.....