electro permanent magnetic chuck


Mainly used in milling machines and CNC machine centers, the holding froce of the chucks are powerful and stable. magnetize and demagnetize by electric controller. the electro permanent chucks also have the model for grinding machine and mold clamping.

Electro Permanent Magnetic
Milling Chuck
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Large Workpiece
Electro Permanent Magnetic Grinding Chuck
Magnetic Mold
Clamping System


Electromagentic chucks is the magnetic workholding system for surface grinding machines. Stand type for the normal workpiece clamping, fine pole type for the thin and small workpiece, rotary type is for grinding angular workpiece.

Electromagentic Chuck
Standard Type
Electromagentic Chuck
Fine Pole Type
Electromagentic Table
Rotary Type


The chucks are made by permanent magents, operate manually. It has the models for both milling and grinding purpose. Also suitable for both thick and thin workpiece. The perament magnetic chucks are widely use in small milling machines and surface grinder.

Rectangle Handle Permanent Magnetic Milling Chuck
Handle Permanent Magnetic Grinding Plate
Round Permanent Magnetic Table
Matrix Permanent Magnet Plate


Controller for electro permaent magnetic chuck and electromagnetic plates, and the padding blocks and plates for various magnetic chucks.

Padding Blocks and Plates


Magnetic lifer can carry iron workpiece, vacuum chuck is for machine the non-magnetic materials.CNC machining fan can remove the scrap from magnetic chuck.

Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Vacuum Chuck
Fan For CNC Machining