Rectangle Handle Permanent
Magnetic Milling Chuck

Rectangle handle permanent magnetic chuck is a kind of common clamping tool in milling or grinding machining, adopt brand new workmanship. it use copper as magnetic isolation material.SX series is the magnetic table for milling machine and CNC, Holding force reaches to 14-15 kg/cm2. It is suitable for machining high precision workpiece, sheet workpiece and mould.

The permanent magnetic chuck has high precision itself; it can guarantee the precision of workpiece from 2um/100mm. As it doesn’t need electricity, the workpiece won’t move in no power supply condition. And won’t generate heat even for long time using.


Pole pitch: 12+4mm

Maximum magnetic holding force reach to 180 N/cm² for milling.

No magnetic field lines scatteres, will not magnetize the tools

Waterproof structure, long life of service.

Small force are required in handle operation.

Small remanence, high precision.


milling magnet
magnetic chuck milling
Model Length
L mm
B mm
H mm
Holding Force
Pole Pitch
P mm
SX2040 2004006041   15 12+4
SX2060 20060060 54
SX2180 210 800 60 75
SX3030 300 300 60 45
SX3040 300 400 60 55
SX3060 300 600 70 85
SX3280 320 800 70 123
SX4040 400 400 70 85
SX4050 400 500 70 100
SX4080 400 800 80 160
GX4095 400 950 80 192

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