Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic lifter (lifting magnet) is mainly applicable to lift, carry and stack steel and iron components, especially for moving workpieces in processing. Not only the lifter can carry flat workpiece, but also can carry steel rod, tubes and round workpiece etc. Because of magnetic attraction itself, the lifting magnets needn’t slings, clamps or other holding devices which may damage the surface of lifted goods. It is no need to charge with electricity. Special structure keeps the magnetism. Lifting magnet is made by permanent magnets, never demagnetization. Weike permanent magnetic lifter is large load lifting capacity, small volume, easy operation and safety in use.


1 Main structure: lifter body, rings, operation handle, locking device.

2 Rated load lifting capacity ≥200KG Force of handle ≤ 50N

3 High performance NdFeB magnetic steel and the best magnetic circuit guarantee strong attriction. The safety factor can reach to 3.0, it means every lifter can bear 3 times of its safety lifting force.

4 All the steel components of the lifting magnets are guaranteed long time service life without malfunction. High quality steel is processed by CNC machine tool, it makes the precision and strength of every lifter is the same.

5 Two types of lifting ring for optional, chromed and nickel-plated.

Product Parameters

lifting magent
Model Length
L mm
W mm
H mm
R mm
Max Lifting Weight of Flat Piece (kg) Max Lifting Weight of Steel Rod (kg)
PML100 130 70 60 200 4 100 50
PML300 200 95 80 230 9 300 150
PML600 275 125 100 260 25 600 300
PML1000 310 160 140 380 41 1000 500
PML1500 390 160 140 380 52 1500 750
PML2000 490 160 140 380 68 2000 1000