Magnetic Clamping Chuck for Milling and CNC Machining


The electro permanent magnetic chuck produced by our company can be used for fixing and clamping of the workpiece for a variety of mlling and CNC maching of the turning in the CNC machine center or millers, we design the chuck is mainly to improve the efficiency and accuracy of turning based on the traditional milling And CNC machining technology.

The advantage of magnetic chuck used in milling and CNC machining

As the electro permanent magnetic plate has powerful magnetic force, the workpiece will not be nudge after fixed, it can use high-speed CNC machining to achieve the purpose of correcting the skew of the axis and hole, suitable for rough milling, semi-fine milling and fine milling and High-speed milling and contour processing

Utilize electro permanent magnetic chuck to fix the workpiece which need to milling and CNC machining, only need to stick the bottom of the workpiece tightly, so the other five sides can be machined, it solves the problem of three sides processing of clamping plate, it will double the machining efficiency at least.

The bottom side of workpiece is attracted by the magnetic chuck firmly, the holding force of one square centimeters will more than 16kg, the lather won’t be vibrated in milling and CNC machining, In case the milling cutter, boring knife damage collision holes and contours to affect the machining accuracy and workpiece quality.

When machine the large workpiece relatively, even beyond the lathe machining table, the surface of one EPM chucks is not enough, in order to solve the problem, we have solution of some chucks multi-point positioning, to achieve the purpose of minimizing costs.