Brief Introduction of Development of
Electro Permanent Magnet Technology


In early 70s of last century, Europe first invented the control of electro permanent magnetic system by electrical signal, this permanent magnetic system is the combination of electromagnetic and permanent magnet, also known as electro permanent magnet technology. After continuous updating and improvement, electro permanent magnetic clamping tools, electro permanent magnetic plate, electro permanent magnetic lifter, which are based on the technology, have been widely used in more and more practical production.

The electro permanent magnetic clamping technology can be used for all kinds of milling, grinding, cutting machine tools, compared with the traditional clamping method, not only can improve the workpiece clamping speed and machining accuracy, but also be safe, strong, practical, efficient, economical, environmental way, based on the advantages, electro permanent magnet clamping device has been widely used in the machinery industry of Europe, the United States and other countries.

In 2005, the permanent magnet clamping tool was applied in the reconfigurable manufacturing system(RMS) of the automotive industry. Reconfigurable machine clamping tool with permanent magnetic table can achieve the function of clamping, positioning, and supporting for components.

Electro permanent magnet clamping technology gradually applies to mold manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, lifting machinery and many other industries. Electromagnetic or electro permanent magnet related technology can be used in the forming equipment, forming mold, also can be used in the forming technology. Apply electro permanent magnet technology to injection molding machine, can achieve rapid clamping of mold, electro permanent magnetic mold clamping system rapid is gradually used in the practical production.

Electro permanent magnet clamping technology in China started late, but develop rapidly, Weike introduce European electro permanent magnet technology in 2011. After four years practice and improvement, the product performance and technical indicator have reach to European standard approximately. Our electro permanent magnetic chucks are also sold to Europe and US and get positive feedback.