Matters Need Attention for Electromagnetic Grinding Chuck


Make clear about to the specifications, performance, accuracy and parameters of the surface grinder which the electromagnetic plate mounted, The work piece beyond the scope of lathe machine, not allowed to process absolutely. Operate according to grinder manual instruction and common requirements strictly, forbid to do in one’s own way.

Pay special attention to safe use of the grinding wheel of electromagnetic chuck. Because the main movement of the grinding machine is the rotation of grinding wheel spindle, so the wheel speed is high, the wheel once broken in grinding, the consequences are very serious. So it should do a comprehensive inspection of the wheel according to the grinding wheel factory instruction before the installation. the wet, cracks, overdue, ultra-standard grinding wheel are not allowed to use, grinding wheel also should be static balance.

Before grinding works of electromagnetic table, check if the protective cover is good, forbid to dismount optionally. Grinding wheel idle for a few minutes at first, when grinding wheel runs, do not stand in the tangential direction of the wheel movement. After grinding finshed, the grinding wheel also idle runs for a few minutes, to drain the cutting fluid among the interspace of grinding wheel. Dressing wheel, the feed volume no need too big, and prevent flying sand to eyes.

In order to prevent the crash in running, adjust the position of route block accurately, and fix it, the direction changing system should be sensitive. Exhaust the air in the hydraulic system (after opening, open the exhaust valve, run free for a few minutes). When emergency happens, cope with it to calmly and decisively, cut off the power supply of electromagnetic chuck. The power supply is also should be cut off in the usual workpiece testing, machine adjusting and equipment maintenance.