EPM Chuck Magnetic Circuit Design And
(De)Magnetization Principle


Magnetic circuit design of electro permanent magnetic plate usually uses two different magnetic materials as the main magnet, one is permanent coercivity for the permanent magnet material (such as NdFeB) as the main magnet; the other is for the medium coercivity of the magnet materials (such as cobalt nickel aluminum, etc.). Utilize the yoke (45# steel) between two kinds of magnetic body to make magnetic circuit.

And then through the magnetic flux in the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic field to change the direction of the magnetic field reversible magnets to achieve the internal control of the magnetic chuck magnetic circuit and conversion, so as to achieve the purpose of external demagnetization DEMAG or MAG. The specific work process as following..

When the magnetic coil is subjected to positive excitation, the reversible polarity direction of the permanent magnetic chuck is shown in Pic. A, and both the main magnet and the reversible magnet have magnetic flux flow; the outer access is formed by the external workpiece, Magnetic chuck is in the state of MAG; when the excitation coil is negatively excited, the reverse direction of the reversible magnet is reversed. As shown in Fig. B, the main magnet and the reversible magnet form the inner access, and the magnetic flux does not flow out. In a non-magnetic state, the permanent magnetic table in the demagnetization state.