Automatic Malfunction Protection of Electro
Permanent Magnetic Clamping Tool


For the controller of electro permanent magnetic table, It can be kept in anyone of “fully on”, “fully off”, “holding” based on controlling module setting. It is kept in “fault” when power off. or an electric actuator with a resetting device can also operate the valve position to “fully on” or “fully off”.

Power off: When the power of control system is in fault (loss of power), the loss of power (signal) Comparator control output voltage of single electro permanent magnetic reversing valve, the reversing valve loss power, The slide valve in the magnetic reversing valve is slid under the action of the return spring, the valve reverses. the output signal pressure of the positioner is locked in the film chamber of the electric control valve, the output signal pressure and the reaction force of the control valve spring are in balance, the valve position of the electric control valve remains in the fault position.

Signal off: When the signal of control system is failure (loss of signal), the loss of power (signal) comparator detects, cut voltage signal of single-controlled permanent magneitc reversal valve, single electromagnetic solenoid valve loss power, single The spool of the electronically controlled electromagnetic reversing valve is slid under the action of the return spring. The output signal pressure is balanced with the reaction force produced by the control valve spring, and the valve position of the electric control valve is kept in the fault position.

The chuck controller plays an important role in the use of electro permanent magnetic clamping tools, when the malfunction happens, it protects the magnetic chuck and machining process to avoid accident. So the chuck controller is required to have the function to clear trouble in design. Cut power and signal safely.