Why Choose Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck


Safe and Strong

Electro permanent magnetic chuck does not need electricity in work, only on permanent magnetic clamping force to hold the workpiece, avoid the danger of slip due to the sudden power failure and loss of magnetic loss. Predictable permanent magnetic clamping force can be as high as 15kg / cm2 or more, very strong and constant, no attenuation on the extension of time, great security.

Practical and Efficient

The use of the electro permanent magnetic chuck for milling machine is very simple and fast, there is no moving parts inside the milling chuck, durable structure, maintenance-free, excellent practicality. The operating time of each controller is less than 5 seconds, and the efficiency of clamping and loosening is very high. PLC interface can be computer or remote control, improve the degree of automation. No vibration, no thermal deformation, improve the workpiece roughness, improve machine tool processing accuracy.

Economical and Environmental

Electro permanent magnetic milling chuck consums electricity only in the moment of magnetization and demagnetization process, does not need any power in work, resulting in safe, strong and efficient holding force and energy saving more than 95%. Eliminating the traditional mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic fixture in the electricity, liquid, gas and energy storage device configuration, avoid oil and gas leakage and clamping bolts fatigue damage and the resulting insecurity.