The New Features of Permanent Magnetic Plate


In the metal cutting machine permanent magnetic plate for fast clamping workpieces, it improves the clamping efficiency of more than 60%. The general workpiece clamping operation is completed within 1 minute. Clamping force evenly distributed in the 10mm surface which contact workpiece and the magnetic plate, no stress deformation in the workpiece, to better ensure the machining accuracy, greatly improve the consistency of the workpiece, reduce wearing of tool and extend the tool life of 30%

Operation panel instructions at a glance, easy to operate fast, any non-professional staff can master the operating essentials within 1 minute. An ordinary machine operator, without special skills, can stand outside the machine tool to replace the workpiece easily . A clamping can be machined on five sides without fixture interference, simplify CNC programming.

The rapid replacement of workpiece improves the production capacity of the machine tool, while the use of maintenance costs are almost zero; do not need screw nuts, plates, professional tools, oil and other aspects of the additional costs; do not need to maintain the permanent magnetic chuck; The moment when the workpiece needs electric energy to operate the permanent magnetic plate, other time no need any energy consumption.